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The economic benefits generated by the freight and logistics industry coupled with the forecast growth in the national freight task over the next 30 years illustrates the challenges and opportunities that face Local and State government.

There is a need for governance and regulatory frameworks that provide greater certainty, which in turn supports increased property and capital investment, economic growth and jobs.

Given the significance of the freight and logistics industry to our everyday life, there is a need to understand the infrastructure required to ensure the industry remains efficient, cost-effective and safe.

Streamlining Processes

Strategic and integrated land use and transport planning is required to streamline regulatory and statutory approvals processes that support the delivery of productive and valuable sites for high value industries.

With the four Councils’ reputation for driving investment, growth and their established history with air, rail and road freight and logistics, the Link WA member Councils are well placed to work with the State Government to address issues of common concern.

These include:

  • closing network gaps–identify priorities and source funding
  • standardising and streamlining regulation processes and approvals
  • engagement with industry
  • using and embracing new technology – smart cities and automation; and
  • opening lines of communication between industry and government.

Progressive thinking and a clear understanding of growth trends will enable Link WA to play an important role in advocating, influencing and informing all tiers of Government on the role and function of the industry and its impact on communities.

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